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Snow Sports in India

Snow Sports

Snow Sports Would you like to make your vacations adventurous and thrilling? Northern India is an ideal place to all thrilling expeditions such as mountaineering, heli-skiing, Ice skating, trekking and Ice-Climbing. Northern regions are famous for snow deserts that can be enjoyed in winters as here you will find snow-capped mountains, lakes, glaciers, rivers and valley. Beside this nature lover will find variety of wonderful wildlife species.

Some Adventurous Snow Sports are :

Heli-Skiing : This is off-trail downhill skiing that is accessed by a helicopter.These helicopters leave you at the top of a snow capped peak from where you just criss- cross your way downward. The challenging part in this sport is that you have to ski down through unknown ridges and routes.

During this sport the presence of the guide is necessary to give you protection against risks and discomfort. Some of the best choices for snow sports are Rohtang Pass, Hanuman Tibba, Chandrakhani Pass, Deo Tibba, etc.

Ice -Skating : In this sport you are moving on Ice by using Ice Skates. It is just like Skiing except that instead of swooshing down from snow capped slopes you are just glide with a wide skating arena wearing ice-skates. This sport needs a balancing act than in ordinary skating. The best option to try Skating in India is Shimla.

Mountaineering : Mountaineering is an ideal activity during summers as it helps you to escape from the heat of the plains. Some of the best mountaineering spots in India are Garhwal and Kumaon regions, Ladakh region, Himachal Pradesh and the Northeast. But before going for Mountaineering be careful that you are not high/low blood pressure and even over weight.

Ice Climbing : this is one of the most thrilling winter sports. Ice Climbing is same as rock climbing even the techniques used here are also same because the ice can also be hard and rough as any surface of a rock.

Ice Climbing depends much upon the difficulty level of climb such as under taking, limber's aptitudes, seasonal activity, prevalent climatic conditions etc. Ice climbing depicts many states, it can be thin, too soft, and full of air holes, etc each of these conditions depends requires a slightly different subtly.

It is very important that you have physical fitness for activities like skiing, hiking, running and cycling because this helps you in Ice Climbing.