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Hill Station in Renuka

Renuka - Yellamma OR Ekvira OR Ellai amman OR Ellai amma OR Mother of the Universe OR fine grain of sand

Renuka is a hill resort in the state of Himachal Pradesh situated at an attitude of 672 meter above the sea level. This place got its name from the Renuka Lake that is located in this place. According to legends Renuka Lake is considered as the quintessence of the wife of sage Jamdagini and the mother of Parashurama, Renuka ji.

The mythological story goes that the devil Sahasarjuna had killed the sage Jamdagini and tried to abduct his wife Renuka. To save herself from the devil she flung into the water. The gods later restored her and the lake is regarded as her embodiment. This is the largest lake in Himachal Pradesh. Apart from being a popular hill station this is famous for religious sanctity.

Prime Attractions of Renuka

Nahan : This is a well laid picturesque town situated on an isolated ridge in the Shiwalik hills. This place is well known for its cleanliness and dust free Saints, streets and princes. This city was founded as a capital by Raja Karan Prakash in 1621.

Renuka Lake : This is largest natural lake in Himachal shaped like a reclining woman this is regarded as the embodiment of the Goddess Renuka.

General Information

Location : Near Nahan, Himachal Pradesh.
Altitude : 6,72m.
Best Time to Visit: April to June.
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