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Nilgiri Mountain Railway

Nilgiri Mountain Railway

Nilgiri Mountain Railway Nilgiri Mountain Railway gives you fascinating journey from Mettupalyam to Ooty. This rail is 46 km long that runs on 1000mm gauge railway. Earlier till1899 the Nilgiri Railway was up to Coonoor but later on it was extended to Ooty in 1903.

Interesting Facts About Nilgiri Mountain Railways

This Nilgiri rail system is unique as it uses a unique 'rack and pinion' rail system. In this system, there are two rack bars between the two conventional rails, they are out of step with each other, on which the pinion of the coaches and locos.

Another interesting thing about this rail is that its engines pushes the train from behind when ascending the hills and is in front while going downhill so that the train does not run a mess.

Currently all traffic on the rack section is handled by the eight X Class locomotives built by SLM of Switzerland. Unlike normal locomotives its uses two cylinders.

Route Covered by Nilgiri Mountain Railways

Mettupalayam - Coonoor - Ooty.