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Hill Station in Nalagarh

Nalagarh - Hindur or Nawalgarh OR gateway to Himachal Pradesh OR its picturesque beauty

This is a gateway to the Himachal Pradesh. A princely state during the British Raj founded by the Chandella Rajputs in 1100AD. Nalagarh has a hilly topography as it is at an elevation of 1220 feet above sea level.

The primary attraction of Nalagarh is the Nalagarh Fort that is located at the foothills of the majestic Himalayas and offers a stunning view of the Shivalik Hills beyond the Sirsa River.

Apart from this you can see famous Mughal Garden only 35 km from Nalagarh. If you like to visit some pilgrimage then you can visit Naina Devi Temple that is only 60 kilometer away from Nalagarh.

Prime Attractions of Nalagarh

Nalagarh Fort : It is located at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas offering a panoramic view of the Shivalik hills that is beyond the Sirsa river. It is assumed that this is the first one out of the three forts built by the kings of Jaipur. It has a series of structures built mostly in the Mughal style of architecture.

Ramgarh Fort : This is a heritage hotel with a history that dates back 350 years. It was built by Kushal Singh who built Khajuraho temple-a successor of the Chandel Rajput rulers. Here you will see a 37 feet door that is considered to be the tallest in India. There you will see the ancient well,sun clock and unused tunnels it all generate an atmosphere of mysterious charm and historical splender. The interior are beautifully decorated.

Yadavindra Gardens : Here you will find seven downward terraced lawns that is placed at the foothills of the mount Shivalik that is made up in Mughal style located in Nalagarh.

General information

Location : Solan district of Himachal.
Altitude : 1220 feet.
Best Time to Visit: April to June.
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