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Hill Station in Mirik

Mirik - place burnt by fire OR its tea estates

This is lesser-known and small hill-station that is 55 km from Siliguri and 5o km from Darjeeling at an altitude of 5800m above sea level. Here you can enjoy the scenic valleys of the Sing-lila hills, gushing mountain streams, the dense green pine forests, orchards of orange and cardamom and green tea plantations. Apart from this you will find many temples and mountains located near lake.

Main Attractions of Mirik

Sumendu Lake : This is located in the heart of Mirik. This is a manmade lake, amidst the forest ridge. This lake is surrounded by a floating fountain and flower garden. From here you can see the magnificent vista of Mt. Kanchenjunga and other Himalayan peaks that is a wonderful experience. Apart from this you will find "Rainbow Bridge" that is 3.5km long.

Devi Sthan : This is a beautiful temple situated in 'dhupi' forest. Locals think that it is auspicious and it is must for all tourists to visit Mirik.

Deosi Dara and Rameetay Dara : These are two popular vantage points of Mirik. From here you can see spectacular views of sunset and sunrise, spectacular views of plains, peaks etc.

Rai Dhap : This is a beautiful picnic spot in Mirik, adorned by a small lake. This lake also serves as the source of potable water in the town.

General Information

Location : West Bengal.
Altitude : 5800m.
Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year.
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