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Kotagiri Tours

Kotagiri - picturesque hill station OR KTG OR Porangadu Seemai OR Hill with the houses of the Kota tribes

This beautiful hill station is situated in the lush green hills of Nilgiri, Tamil Nadu at an altitude of 6,503 ft. The name of this hill station literally means "the line of houses". Earlier some Kota tribes inhabit here who were experts in the art of pottery and terracotta baking. After some time they become local tribes of that place. Enjoy Kotagiri tours and make your trip memorable and remarkable.

Tourists like to visit this hill station over Ooty because Kotagiri enjoys a pleasant climate all throughout the year. This hill station is surrounded by beautiful tea estates and thick Shoal forests. Apart from this tourists can enjoy colonial nostalgia.

Prime Attractions of Kotagiri

Kodanaad View Point : Popularly known as the Terminus country. From This view point you can see an entire array of natural processes like rivers Bhavani, Moyar, valleys, the Mysore plateau, trenches and paddy fields.

Elk Falls : This is the first European house built in Nilgris. This fall has captivating sight. Apart from this place is great place for anthropology.

Rangaswamy Pillar and Rock : This peak is 20km away from Kotagiri. Here Irulas(tribe) add mysticism to the natural beauty.

Long Wood Shola : This is 3 km away from the town. It is a wild life reserve, untouched forest trails are an invitation to serenity seekers. Apart from this is an ideal place for Ornithology.

General information

Location : 16-km from Ooty, Tamil Nadu.
Altitude : 1950m.
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