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Kasauli tours

Kasauli - its snow clad mountains OR Mohan Meakin Brewery

This is one of the small towns developed by the British during the 'Hey days' of the empire. Kasulai is 77Km from Shimla and 35Km from Kalka. Here tourist come to see the beauty of nature like Chir-pine, huge horse Chestnuts and Himalayan oak apart from this there are colonial ambience like quaint shops, gabled houses and cobbled paths. Enjoy Kasauli tours and make your trip memorable and remarkable.

Prime Attractions of Kasauli

Monkey Point : This is the highest point in Kasauli from here you can take an excellent view of the distant plains of Chandigarh region. Beside this you will find a small temple situated on the top of the hill that is dedicated to Lord Hanuman . According to legends when Lord Hanuman was returning from the Himalayas after obtaining the Magical herb (Sanjivany Booty) his foot touched the hill and thus the top of hill is in a foot shape.

Sanawar : this is just 6km from Kasauli. Here you will find The Lawerence School that is one of the best schools in the country and being the major attractions of the country.

The Christ Church : this is one of the oldest Church in the city from Britsh Era. This Christ church is typically of Anglican structure of the period and its foundation stone laid in 1844.

General Information

Location : Himachal Pradesh.
Altitude : 1,927m.
Best Time to Visit: April to September.
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