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Kangra tours

Kangra - Dev Bhumi (the valley of Gods) OR tea capital of India

kangra Himachal tour has been always been in the first priority of tourists who want to explore natural beauty and at the same time prefer to stay away of city life for a few days. Especially in the summer months when plain areas become the home to sun and dust, tourist prefer to flock towards resorts in Himachal kangra. As far as kangra Himachal tour is concerned, it takes you to another world where you will feel nothing but spirituality, natural beauty, divinity, adventure and the most serene and cool environment. Among a major point of attractions during your visit and resorts in Himachal kangra, the name of hill station Kangra Himachal always comes first in mind that is most of the time remain unexplored. Kangra tour is surly the best way of reaching very close to Mother Nature and sit for hours in her lap to enjoy what has she gifted to Earth. Enjoy Kangra tours and make your trip memorable and remarkable.

The beautiful hill station is without any doubt the most amazing and picturesque places in Himachal that will make you feel that your Himachal trip would be incomplete if you didn’t make Kangra tour. There are also a number of prime attractions of Kangra Himachal that keep travelers spellbound and persuade to come here again and again for Kangra trip. As far as the tourist places in Himachal Pradesh are concerned, it is located at a very beautiful location at an altitude of 615 meter above sea level. Protected by the awe-inspiring beauty of Dhauladhar Ranges, Kangra is one of the most striking hill stations to explore during kangra Himachal tour. Rich ecology, attractive landscapes, crystal clear water rivers, snow capped mountain ranges, ancient temples, charming surroundings and thick forest ranges add more glory in your Kangra tour and make it a home to major places to explore during your tour to Kangra.

When it comes to reach to Kangra, it is easy and accessible via all sources like air, train and bus. Gaggal airport is at the distance of 13 km from Kangra where there are regular flights from Delhi. Jammu, Chandigarh is also at the distance of 200 and 208 km form Kangra. Pathankot is the nearest railway station at the distance of 90 km from hill station Kangra Himachal. There are also regular buses and taxi from Pathankot, Ambala, Chandigarh, New Delhi and other major resorts in Himachal kangra Pradesh.


During your Kangra tour, you will also get a chance to explore a number of major attractions of Kangra Himachal. Some of the prime attractions of Kangra Himachal are the following.

Behna Mahadev: It is largest gable-roofed Hindu temple in the Satluj Valley.

International Himalayan Festival : In every winter season this International festival is celebrated in Kangra District.

Kangra Art Gallery : Here you can see the treasure of 5th century. It includes the miniature painting, pottery, sculptures and anthropological items.

Karaeri Lake: A paradise for trekkers and adventure tour lovers, Karaeri Lake takes you to the world of adventure and thrill; it is delimited by thick woods and backdrop of the Dhauladhar Mountains.

Masrus Temple: It is a must see place during Kangra tour that is located at an altitude of 800 meter above sea level. It is 15 km to the south of Kangra in the form of a temple complex. Here you will see 15 Shikhra temples made of solid rock. The temples are very comparable to Ajanta and Alora temples.

Diddhanatha Temple: It is also another popular temple to visit during Kangra tour.

Siddhanatha Temple : This temple is similar in its arrangements both in its interior and exterior to Mahadeva temple commonly known as Siddanatha temple.

Today there are also a number of lodges and hotels that you will see during your Kangra tour. They are the perfect place to accommodate to explore Places that are renowned.

General information

Altitude : 615m.
Best Time : Mid-May to Mid-October.
Location : Himachal Pradesh.
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