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Heli-Skiing Heli-Skiing, popular winter sports are off-trail, downhill skiing, that is accessed by a helicopter in order to reach trails that are not accessible by other means. This sport challenges the risk-taking explorer in you because here you don't know the routes and ridges to trek. Some of the ideal places for Heli-skiing in India are-Hanuman Tibba, Deo Tibba, Chandrakhani Pass and Rohtang Pass near Manali. Enjoy Adventure tours in India and make your trip memorable and remarkable.

Heli Skiing Tips

If you want to become better in skiing then use given below tips so that you can improve your skiing skills and techniques :

Before going out do some exercise it develop flexibility and strength that you required during skiing.

Relax your toes before going for skiing because it helps in absorbing the varying terrain and allow manage your skiing.

Train yourself to be habitual of maintaining vertical balance if you want to learn how to ski better. Because when you start skiing, you need to lower your body naturally to catch speed. You need to sink and stand several times to maintain balance.

If you are first time skier then start it with bunny slopes under the guidance of trainer. Since getting into and off of a chairlift it will help you to know to basics. Use your Chairlift with all necessary equipments. After using equipments lower yourself onto chair, and then balance yourself with a spare hand. Always remember that you do all this exercise under the guidance of ski-trainer.

Heli Skiing Places in India

  • Hanuman Tibba, Manali, H.P
  • Deo Tibba, Manali, H.P
  • Rohtang Pass, Manali, H.P
  • Chandrakhani Pass, Manali, H.P
  • Auli, Uttaranchal
  • Pithoragarh, Kumaon Himalayas, Uttaranchal
  • Gulmarg, J&K