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Haflong tours

Haflong - Switzerland of the East OR Mini North-East

This is popularly known as "Switzerland of the East" situated at an altitude of 680 m. Assam Haflong is famous for its scenic features comprising emerald green rivers, of azure blue hills, unique orchids such as Blue Vanda and rare species of birds. Here tourists can enjoy Himar, Mizo and Naga tribes. Pineapple and oranges are grown here in abundance. Haflong is also best known for a lovely lakeside resort developed in the lavish green hills around the town. Enjoy Haflong tours and make your trip memorable and remarkable.

Prime Attractions of Haflong

Haflong Lake : This is large and beautiful lake situated in the heart of the Hill Station. This is also known as the "Scotland of Assam". The lake is good spot for various leisure activities and boating. There you will find The Jatinga Village that is famous for hundreds of migratory birds in the winter that is just 9 km away from this lake.

Jatinga : This place is 20km south of Haflong on Silchar road famous because it is mysterious place where lot of migratory birds commit sucide between August and November.

Maibong : This is the administrative headquarter of North Cachar hills district 72 km away from Haflong. Earlier Maibong was the capital of Dimasa Kachari Kingdom who ruled the region from mid-sixteenth to mid-eighteenth century A.D. Besides this you will find 12th century monolithic Ramchandi Ramchandi temple of Kachari Kings.

General information

Location : Assam in India.
Altitude : 680 m.
Best Time : October to April.
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