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Golfing in Shimla

Golfing in Shimla

Golfing in Shimla Golfing is one of the favorite games in India gifted by Britishers. India happened to be the second country in the world to play golf. India has varied ranges of terrain and climate that offers many options.

Shimla the state capital of Himachal Pradesh. This is an ideal holiday resort for those who want respite from Heat. Here the climate as well as terrain is favorable for golfing.

Naldehra : This is just 22 Km from Shimla . This place is one of the oldest and most sporting golf courses in India set in the midst of thick forests. Here the topography is natural, Lord Curzon the British Viceroy of India in 1903 named his daughter "Naldera". This place has 68 pars, having nine whole courses that is regarded as one of the most challenging in the country.

Annadale : This golf course was managed by Army. There are several resorts and hotels that was managed by army. Beside this you will find many other petty golf course.