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Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh

Dharamsala - The Little Lhasa in India OR home in exile of the Dalai Lama OR A place of peace and harmony

Spending summer in the most serene environment or enjoying the snow-capped mountain ranges for all the time can be exciting, if you travel to Dharamshala tour. Needless to say, spending holidays in Dharamshala would take you to the world of greenery, snow-capped mountain ranges, slopes, deep valleys and above all the most serene environment of Mother Nature. Hill station Dharamshala is a home to natural beauty that can be seen in different forms. Being one of the major attractions of Himachal, Dharamshala tour keep one mesmerized for a long time and persuade them to come to enjoy their holidays in Dharamshala in their own way. Enjoy Dharamsala tours and make your trip memorable and remarkable.

Dharamshala hills Himachal is a premium hill station in the state of Himachal Pradesh that attracts tourists from all parts of the world towards its natural beauty. Especially for honeymooners, nature tour lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, adventure tour lovers and those who come to a place far from city hustle and bustle. Hill station Dharamshala accommodates natural beauty, green rich valleys; snow capped mountain ranges of Himalaya and monasteries along with small lodges that are made of ancient architectural style. The picturesque and serene hill station Dharamshala and the beautiful place in the state of Himachal Pradesh is located on the slopes of Kangra valley  that is a paradise for those who want to enjoy the proximity of Mother Nature in a true way.

Located at different altitudes from 1300 to 1700 meter above sea level, Dharmashal is full of golf courses and the highest cricket stadium in the world. Lies in the Dhauladhar spur where an eight km attention-grabbing incline is certain to portray the beauty of the hill station Dharamshala. As far as the attractions of Himachal Pradesh are concerned, the name of Dharamshala always comes first in mind as the beautiful hill station is a home to temples, valleys, slopes and trekking points; while a paradise for honeymooners. During your Dharamshala tour, you will see some of the picturesque places like Maharana Pratap Sagar, Chamunda Devi Temple, wildlife sanctuary, Norbulinka institute, Nurpur Fort, Dall Lake, St John’s Church in wilds and a number of major attractions of Himachal. People here believe in fairs and festivals to celebrate them in a grand way and its perfect instance is Kangra valley festival adds more glory in the beauty of Dharamshala tour.

Some of the major tourist attractions of Himachal that Lies in Hill Station Dharamshala include:

Kangra Art Museum: One of the must see places to explore during Dharamshala tour. Here you will also see the original throne of Raja Sansar Chand.

Namgyal Monastery: famous monastery and a part of McLeodganj known for the larger statues of Lord Buddha, Padmasambhava and Avloketshwara, it is also a must see place during Dharamshala tours.

War Memorial: It commemorates brave soldiers who laid their lives in different wars.

St. John's Church : This charmingly dressed stone church is located just 8-kms from Dharamsala near to McLeod Ganj built in the poignant memories of the British Viceroy, Lord Elgin who died at Dharamsala in 1863.

Norbulinka Institute : This is just 4 kms from Dharamsala established to preserve and teach the ancient Tibetan arts. Here you can watch and even learn wooden cravings, golsithing, Tangka Paintings and embroidery.

Macleodganj : This place is originally the home of the semi-nomadic Gaddi tribe, nowadays is the residence of, The Dalai Lama. This place was developed by British Garrison in the mid-19th century.

Dall Lake : This Lake is situated 11-kms away from the town surrounded by high and green Deodar trees. This lake is ideal for serene picnic spots.

In addition to the aforementioned places, there are also a number of other major attractions like a Japanese inspired garden, Losel Dolls Museum and a number of other keep travelers spell bound during their Dharamshala tours.

General Information
Location :
Himachal Pradesh.
Best Time : Mid-May to Mid-October.
Main Attractions : Kangra Art Museum, St. John's Church.
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