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Chikaldhara - Keechakadhara OR Chikhaldara OR Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary OR Melghat Tiger Project

This hill station popularly known for sprawling greenery and lovely mountains located in Vidarbha region that is part of the Amravati district. This hill station offers you abundance of wildlife, lakes, and waterfalls. Enjoy chikaldhara tours and make your trip memorable and remarkable.

Chikaldhara Hills is a part of the Amravati district and is the only coffee-growing area in Maharastra. This hill station is full of deep valleys that are full of majestic trees, valet mist and coffee- growing area. The atmosphere of this hill station is always breezy and abundance of natural scenery, breathtaking waterfalls, placid lake, etc.

Prime Attractions of Chikaldhara

Melghat Tiger Project : located in Chikhaldara and Dharni tehsils of Amaravati district in Satpuda hill range. This tiger reserve is one of the last remaining habitats of Indian tiger in Maharashtra.

Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary : located in Amaravati district of Vidarbha region named after "Keechaka". Here Tourists can find Sloth bears, Panthers, Sambar, and Wild Boar.

Wan Sanctuary : Located in Melghat area of Amravati district is an extension of Melghat sanctuary on the southeastern part. Here you will find hilly rugged terrain those posses Tropical Dry Deciduous forests.

General Information

Location : Amaravati District Of Vidarbha Region, Maharashtra.
Main Attraction : Melghat Tiger Project And Dhakana - Kolkaz National Park.
Best Time : October to June.
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