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Hill Station in Binsar Hills

Binsar Hills - Jhandi Dhar OR picturesque hill station OR Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

Binsar Hills Almora is one of the prime attractions in the state of Uttaranchal that attract tourist from all parts of the country towards its untouched beauty. Located at an altitude of 2417 meter above sea level, Binsar hill station Uttaranchal is a perfect holiday’s destination that is known for its untouched beauty. It is not explored by tourists because of the less popularity, but the fact is that Binsar hill station Uttaranchal is a pleasing destination to visit the true natural beauty and to enjoy the holidays in Binsar Almora. Tourists who come to enjoy their holidays on hill stations found them full of tourists. And for those making Binsar tours would surely be the right option of enjoy holidays in the most romantic place full of lush greenery and beautiful surroundings.

The beautiful hill station Binsar hills is at the distance of 24 km from Almora. The beautiful hill station is also known for adding more spice in Kumaon Ranges of Himalaya where you will get a chance to enjoy lush greenery, rich flora and fauna, palm trees, hanging moss, species of wild flowers and many more. The most attractive attraction here is Binsar wildlife sanctuary Uttaranchal that keep travelers mesmerized and take them in the world of animals and birds to see them in their natural habitat. Binsar tours are also popular among adventure tour lovers who wish to enjoy trekking and other adventure sports in the Himalayan ranges.

It is well connected to Almora; however, there is no direct transport option from other places to Binsar hills. If you are going by your own vehicle, you can easily reach Binsar hills Almora. Taxis are also available easily from Almora. In this way, you can easily reach to Binsar hills from Almora. As far as the major tourist attractions are concerned in Binsar hills Almora, the entire hill station and its surrounding area is known for pleasing weather and lush greenery. Some of the major attractions to enjoy during Binsar tours are the following.

Prime Attraction of Binsar

Almora: It is the Prime attraction and the major cities in the state of Uttaranchal. It is also one of the picturesque hill stations is known for a number of temples and major tourists attractions.

Katarmal: It is a famous tourist attraction that is known for Sun Temple that was built by Katyuri Rajas 900 years ago. Binsar hills are at the distance of 50 km from here.

Jalna: It is located at the distance of 60 km from Binsar hills. Located at an altitude of 5500 feet above sea level, Jalna is a perfect place for panoramic view of the Himalayas.

Jageshwar: It is a large temple complex consists of 124 temples.
In addition to the aforementioned tourist places, Binsar Wildlife sanctuary Almora also keep tourists mesmerized for a long time and persuade them to come to explore the city again and again.

General Information

Altitude : 2412 m.
Location : Uttaranchal.
Best Season : April to June & September to October.
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